AGA’s bares its mind on the latest Wire Act opinion

American Gaming Association
American Gaming Association

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has made public the way it sees the earlier announcement on the review of the suitability of the Wire Act made by the United States Department of Justice. There was an opinion in 2011 regarding the application of the Wire Act over and beyond sports gambling.

Sara Slane, the AGA’s Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, issued the following to represent the association and its stance on the opinion originating from the Office of Legal Counsel‘s (OLC).

“It is unbecoming that the Department of Justice left a well-established practice in going back on its previous opinion without a cogent reason to do so. However, the 2018 OLC opinion does not affect the ability for states and Tribes to authorize and regulate gaming on a state-by-state and tribal basis, or for companies to provide the kind of satisfaction and consumer experience that are currently trending.”

Slane thinks that the US gaming industry has consistently been able to show responsibility, saying that there are over 4000 regulators and a lot of money billed to compliance, and because of that, casino gaming is one of the most highly-controlled industries America has and has been providing back-to-back inventive products as enshrined in the state, tribal and federal law.

“We will work in conjunction with all stakeholders to preserve the power of tribes and states to control gaming, and we enjoin DOJ to investigate and close down illegal, unregulated gambling operators who are consumer predators.”


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