Salary Survey

Salary Survey
What is the salary survey

The Salary Survey is the most extensive data set relating to online gambling salaries and delivers insight across core geographical regions and key verticals.

It has been created to provide organisations of all shapes and sizes with the insight and information they need to recruit strategically and successfully. The Betting Jobs Salary Survey is free to access and use. It is packed full of unique, valuable data and analysis that provides a broad view of the sector.

This, the latest version of the Betting Jobs Salary Survey, is the most comprehensive to date and will be updated regularly to ensure it remains the reference point for the entire industry.

It is a powerful tool and we are proud to be able to offer it to individuals and organisations alike in order to aid their recruitment activity.


The Betting Jobs Salary Survey is the result of many months spent researching, gathering, calibrating and analyzing data related to thousands of online gambling jobs and salaries.

It covers eight geographical regions including the UK, Malta, Gibraltar and the USA, and twelve verticals such as executive, marketing, product and analytics.

The eight geographical regions are:

• The UK
• Gibraltar
• Malta
• Eastern Europe
• Western & Northern Europe
• The USA
• Africa
• Asia

The twelve verticals are:

• Executive
• Technical
• Commercial
• Marketing
• Trading
• Finance
• Analytics
• Operations
• Product
• Legal
• Compliance
• Games Studio

The Salary Survey is constantly updated with additional data, markets and verticals to ensure it keeps pace with the ever-evolving online gambling sector.

Compiled by senior members of the Betting Jobs team, the Salary Survey is a reflection of the market-leading position the company holds when it comes to recruitment.

No other recruitment agency has access to the same unique data, nor are they experienced enough to analyse and report on what it what that means for salaries and employers.

The survey is also indicative of the care and attention Betting Jobs provides its partners and candidates, and the authority it holds when it comes to headhunting top talent into key roles.

Whilst we have been hugely meticulous in pulling the information together, due to a lack of data in emerging regions like the US and Africa, you will see some gaps. We strongly believe that we need a significant sample size to be precise.

Where we don’t have this, we won’t guess, but we will update the site when more data becomes available.


The “highest” salaries in each category tend to be representative of more senior roles and the “lowest” figures of more junior roles.

When we refer to the “average salary”, we mean the average salary for that position in the industry and not the average of the highest and lowest salaries.

The Salary Survey is based on data and information that is only available to Betting Jobs. Instances of insufficient data have been clearly marked.
Please remember that “highest”, “lowest” and “average” salaries refer only to those within our dataset; people may earn salaries outside of the range stated.

Finally, while our database is large and comprehensive, we do not have access to the salary details of every profession across the global online gambling sector.

As such, some minor rounding has been applied in some cases. We are very proud of the Betting Jobs Salary Survey and hope it will become a valuable resource that you consult on a regular basis.

Of course, we are always looking to improve the survey and welcome any feedback you may have. Please direct all feedback, questions and comments to

Thank you and enjoy.

Fiona Hickey


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