Nevada Sports Betting inches towards $1 Billion in November

Nevada Sports Betting Smashes Record
Nevada Sports Betting Smashes Record

Nevada sports betting tops the revenue list with almost $1 billion raked in in November. The actual figure is $581 million, dusting a single record of $571 million reached two months previously. This means that the figures are close to the state historical average.

The convergence of NFL and college football with NBA and college basketball usually makes November a strong one for Nevada.

“1 billion dollars”- The way Dr. Evil says it

As recent as six months ago, Nevada was alone in the US sports betting scene, but today, the picture is completely different. When the revenues from the Nevada sports betting in November are put in side by side the larger picture, it gives a very encouraging picture of a growing and promising industry.

  • Nevada made 581 million dollars
  • Mississippi made 45 million dollars
  • Delaware made 16 million dollars
  • West Virginia made 12 million dollars
  • Pennsylvania made 1.4 million dollars in two weeks.

These add up to close to 1 billion dollars, excluding the revenues from New Mexico and some fraction from Rhode Island.

A Closer Look at Nevada Sports Betting Figures

It follows that 374 million dollars were betted on football in November, with Books having up to 18 million dollars of that figure, coming up from the figures from October.

Then, there was basketball betting, which did very well too in November. Sportsbooks accounted for up to 7% of the nearly 152 million dollars staked, translating to close to 11 million dollars for the Silver State Casinos.

The baseball fortunes improved after the Boston Red Sox finished a World Series title season as a favored team. This created nearly 6 million dollars loss in future winnings for the sportsbooks.